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Faradisse High Sdn Bhd (FHSB) is an emerging player in the IT world. Incorporated in 2007, the establishment is to fulfill the demand of the growing IT market in Malaysia. FHSB exists solely with the intention of making customers realize their potential success through our expert resources and services. FHSB team of professionals has vast experiences and in-depth knowledge in IT services especially those related to System Integration, Networking, IT Sales and Support. Although still a young company, FSHB has the expertise with highly capable IT professionals that may offer a robust and reliable yet affordable IT system.
With a team that has the experience and technical know-how of major IT products ranging from IBM, SUN, CISCO, HP to Oracle, FHSB has the speed and flexibility to deliver the right resources within a tight timeframe. In an industry that is fast-paced and highly demanding, FHSB is absolutely committed in providing the right product and services and shall continuously improve our standards of service to ensure optimum customer satisfaction. FHSB has always been clear on its vision in providing every organization the perfect master plan over its data resources, excellent IT infrastructure and efficient application. FHSB has emerged in gaining to become one of the leading IT network consultants and solution providers throughout Malaysia.
We offer customers the link that helps them increase productivity and profitability. A company which makes networking as the bread and butter believes that as the core of the technology, networking shall create a substantial contribution to the company. Market demand shall cover the whole segment of the networking world with high value of deployments. Through the year, FHSB has participated in development, trading, construction works, training and many other businesses meet the needs and objectives of the society and the government.
FHSB was established to focus on IT infrastructure and development. We have progressed from a company capable only of doing small-subsidized jobs into a company that are able to undertake as assortment of projects. Registering with the Ministry of Finance allowed FHSB to expand and open its eyes to the projection of the true potential that IT infrastructure has, as one of the constituents to the needs of this successful nation.

Services / Portfolios

  • Networking, IT Sales and Support

    Networking, IT Sales and Support :
    - data centre solution
    - software development
    - backup & recovery solution
    - storage & virtualization solution

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