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Creative Education Oasis (CEO) by Creative Niche Resources
Vision : Optimizing Human potential
Mission : To realize (explore) multi-dimensional of human capabilities & potential through natural mean.
Tag Line : Let learning happen naturally!
Corporate Philosophy : To awaken the inherent (underlying) potential of each human being.
Corporate Values
C - Commitment to Excellence
E - Education is FUN!
O - Optimizing human potential

Services / Portfolios

  • Art Class Kids 5 to 12 years old

    RM90 Creative Activity- based Learning 从创意活动学ä¹
    • Extracurricular Knowledge 课外知识
    • Small Group 小班制
    • English Speaking 英语教学
    • Multiracial 多元种族
  • 1

    Yoga Class

    RM100 For Adults And Children yoga
  • 3 days Pastel Nagomi Art Associate Instructor Course

    RM2,950 (inclusive of a set of materials + certification fee + handling fee in total RM850) per participant Course Contents:
    1. Hands-on learning of varies painting skills and techniques which will enable you to share and teach this beautiful art in the future.
    å­¦å‘˜ä»¬å°†çŽ°åœºå­¦ä¹ ç²‰å½©åˆ›ä½œä¸Žä¸´æ‘¹
    2. 16 different themes of PNA, The themes cover different kinds of sceneries, seasons, emotions, aroma, greeting, hope and spirituality.
    3. Understanding on the background of PNA, its mission and vision, as well as the business development.
    æ¯ä¸€å¹…éƒ½æœ‰ä¸åŒçš„æŠ€å·§æ¥è®©å­¦å‘˜ä»¬å­¦ä¹ å’ŒçŽ°åœºç»ƒä¹ ã€‚åŒæ—¶ï¼Œå­¦å‘˜ä»¬ä¹Ÿå°†æ˜Žç™½æ—¥æœ¬Nagomi粉彩背后的理念与意义,以及事业发展。
    4. Personal experience sharing from Sarana, where she will share her teaching experiences and ideas during the course.
    å¯¼å¸ˆä¹Ÿä¼šæ— ç§åˆ†äº«ä¸ªäººçš„æ•™å­¦ç»éªŒå’Œç»˜ç”»æ’‡æ­¥ã€‚
    5. The specialty of this course 课程的特别之处
    Upon completion of the course, you will need to submit an assignment that consists of 3 pastel art paintings and a simple written r
    eport within the given period. A certification will then be granted to you by the Japan Pastel Hope Art Association (JPHAA) and certified
    as an Associated Instructor with honour.
    呈交功课之后,导师将为学员们向日本粉彩协会JPHAAç”³è¯·å‡†æŒ‡å¯¼å¸ˆèµ„æ ¼ï¼Œå¤§çº¦åœ¨ä¸€ä¸ªæœˆå†…å°±å¯ä»¥æ”¶åˆ°ç”±åä¼šé¢å‘çš„è®¤è¯æ–‡å‡­ã€‚
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    Character Cartoon Mantao Class

    RM100 Cartoon Character Mantou
    Let you and your child experiencing the making of cartoon character steamed bun.
    It is suitable for vegetarian as it doesn’t contain any egg.
    è®©ä½ å’Œå­©å­ä¸€èµ·æ¥ä½“éªŒåˆ¶ä½œé¦’å¤´çš„ä¹è¶£ã€‚
    é¦’å¤´æ²¡æœ‰é¸¡è›‹æˆåˆ†ï¼Œé€‚åˆç´ é£Ÿè€…é£Ÿç”¨ã€‚
  • 1

    Learning how to bake Christmas log cake

    RM150 -participant gets to bring home one whole cake.
    -gets to learn cake cover techniques and chocolate tempering.
    -usage of good quality chocolate (Hersey)
    -provision of cake baking recipe, decorations and fail proof techniques.
    *This cake contains eggs.


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